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Tuition and Fees

Lincoln Law School of San Jose

Getting Started at Law School

Lincoln Law School of San Jose strives to make tuition affordable for people who want to learn the law because it’s their passion, not just so they can make it their profession.  As a result, the cost of a Lincoln JD degree is about 1/3 what you would pay at other schools.  Student loans and payment plans make it possible for almost anyone to obtain the many advantages a legal education can provide.  We understand this is a big decision, and we want to answer as many questions as we can before you make it.  Email

Tuition at Lincoln

Students must complete 81 units in order to graduate. Tuition is currently $22,000 per year.

Tuition and fees are due at the time of registration. Only fully registered students are deemed to be enrolled. Registration is defined as both the payment of applicable tuition, fees, and other financial requirements and the completion of all registration forms.

A Juris Doctor student can expect that the total cost to earn the J. D. degree, including tuition and fees for the four-year program, will be approximately $88,000. This cost does not include books, other required class materials or additional fees that a student may incur which include the following fees assessed to cover administration and related expenses occasioned by the event for which the charge is assessed.