Lincoln Law School alumna plays crucial role at high-tech company

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Karina Tiwana is a former paralegal who became the general counsel of a global high-tech company thanks to the confidence and skills she gained from earning a law degree at Lincoln Law School of San Jose.

Lincoln Law School’s flexible schedule allowed Tiwana to take night classes while working as a paralegal in Palo Alto. She praised Lincoln for adapting to the needs of working professionals, people with families and other non-traditional law students. She lauded the law school’s faculty and her classmates for providing the mentorship, guidance, and motivation that boosted her to the position she holds today as the general counsel of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, a global provider of cloud services and solutions, enterprise network, and communications. One of her jobs is to help protect the company’s innovation by leading intellectual property litigation management.

As a general counsel, she knows her role is important because her work helps the company achieve its mission. Tiwana uses the knowledge gained from a Lincoln Law School education and a career in the legal field to articulate to her team and the business division of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprises the legal details that are essential to achieving the company’s goals. She’s a prime example of how Lincoln graduates are indispensable to their employers.

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