Lincoln Law School of San Jose

MLS in Intellectual Property Program

As technology changes, so do the needs and challenges of the industries and companies that run our country. Law firms and corporations are now looking for attorneys who offer a mix of intellectual property, technology, and transactional business knowledge to provide legal services.

All of these developments have created opportunities for patents and patent attorneys. Attorneys who understand technology can get into this high demand area of law and set themselves apart by earning an LL.M in intellectual property from the flexible one-year program at Lincoln Law School of San Jose.

An IP Master of Law degree (IP LLM) is an exploration of the nuances of intellectual property law and it can prove to be a valuable investment for many lawyers. The Lincoln program has two tracks: one focusing on clinical experience, and a second focusing on a capstone project.

The Clinic track includes participation in the Patent Clinic at Lincoln Law School, where students are trained on patent services, and, in turn, provide services for free to clients that are accepted into the clinic. The clinic experience track allows for students to be mentored one-on-one with an active practitioner and gain direct experience working with the USPTO.

The Capstone Project track includes research and preparation of a research paper focusing on a subject associated with intellectual property. The capstone project allows for students to be mentored one-on-one with faculty member.

Admission Requirements

A Juris Doctor, foreign law degree, or equivalent.

  • Completed Application

  • Resume or CV

  • Official transcripts from all JD, Foreign Law Degree, or equivalent programs that you wish to submit as the basis for your application for the LLM degree

  • Personal Statement


Flexible Online Program. The standard curriculum is 20 units and is designed to take 1 year for students entering in the Fall Semester. Students should contact the Admissions Coordinator for additional information.

Except as provided in rule 4.30 of the Admissions Rules (Legal Education in a foreign state or country), completion of a professional law degree program at this law school other than for a Juris Doctor degree does not qualify a student to take the California Bar Examination or satisfy the requirements for admission to practice law in California. It may not qualify a student to take the bar examination or to satisfy requirements for admission to the practice of law in any other jurisdiction. A student intending to seek admission to practice law should contact the admitting authority in the jurisdictions where the student intends to qualify to sit for the bar examination or to be admitted to practice for information regarding their legal education requirements.