Lincoln Law School of San Jose

Sources of Financial Aid

While Lincoln is a fraction of the cost of most law schools in the Bay Area, we understand you may still need a little extra help to pay for your education here.  We also know that loans can be confusing, and choosing the right payment option for your personal circumstances isn’t easy.  However, a professional degree will change your life in ways you cannot imagine.  So why not let us help you figure out how to get started?  Your questions are welcome here.  Please email

Early Admission Grant

Eligibility: New J.D. Students for the Spring 2022 Semester

Submit your application and all required paperwork in order to be eligible for a $500 Early Admission Grant (applied to your fees & tuition for the Spring 2022 term). Allow 2 weeks for processing of application packet. If accepted, the signed acceptance letter must be returned to Lincoln by the deadline below.

Deadline: Submit a completed application by November 12, 2021, to qualify.

Apprenticeships & Internships

At Lincoln, we are committed to you receiving at least 15 units of practical training during your time at Lincoln. That means you might work in our Clinic, at an internship of your choosing, or in an apprenticeship with one of our local law firm and in-house counsel partners. You’ll be practicing the law while you are learning it.

Flexible Class Schedules

Lincoln was created as a four-year part-time program with students completing approximately 22 units each year. But we understand that sometimes life can get in the way. So if you need to adjust that schedule for work, or family, or financial reasons, you’ve got up to seven years to complete your JD degree. So it’s ok to take a leave, or slow it down, while you catch up elsewhere.

Payment Plans

Some students opt for a payment plan secured directly through their school. For the average cost of private preschool education in Silicon Valley, a student may attend law school at Lincoln on a traditional payment plan.

Sallie Mae

We are listed with Sallie Mae Student Loans. These are consumer loans that are arranged directly between Sallie Mae and the borrower and are based on the borrower’s creditworthiness. Sallie Mae offers competitively priced Law Loans and Bar Study Loans. For more information, please visit the Sallie Mae website

Private Loans

Many students obtain all or a portion of their student funding from private bank loans.  Interest rates and repayment terms vary, so seek professional advice before securing private financing.


Graduate school scholarships are available, sometimes from within the school and always from outside of the organization. Scholarships are easily found and applied for online.

External Scholarships:

Abogados de Accidentes Ahora Scholarship


  • $5,000 award

  • Deadline: December 21, 2021

The Law Office of Omid Nosrati Scholarship


  • $1,000 award

  • Deadline: February 20, 2022


Benjy Grinberg Scholarship


  • $1,000 award

  • Deadline: April 1, 2022

JT Legal Group Scholarship


  • $5,000 award

  • Deadline: June 1, 2022


Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. Law School Diversity Scholarship Program


  • $2,000 award

  • Deadline: October 1, 2022

Sallie Mae Grad School Scholarships


  • $1,000 monthly

  • $20,000 “Bridging the Dream” Scholarships

  • Ongoing Scholarships

Top 150 Scholarships & Grants for Women

  • Ongoing Scholarships